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Frequently Asked Questions

Wellerz is a platform that enables you to rent out your space on a flexible, part-time basis with ease. We bring potential renters to you and handle payment collections, bookings, and calendar management, so you can focus on earning rental income without worrying about the details. Wellerz is suitable for individuals and businesses who have spaces that are already set up and ready to be rented out for private practices, such as therapy rooms for psychotherapists, treatment tables for acupuncturists or massage therapists, and movement studios for yoga teachers.

To use Wellerz, simply upload your available space to our platform. The listing process is quick and easy, taking only 5-10 minutes. It is free to list your space and there are no subscriptions or hidden fees involved. You have control over the important details, such as the rental price, availability, and who has access to your space. Once your space is listed, you can sit back and let Wellerz handle the bookings and payment collections automatically. If you have multiple rooms available in your space, you can list each room separately, complete with its own booking calendar and price.

There are several benefits to listing your space on Wellerz:


  • Increased rental income: By making your space available for flexible, part-time rentals, you can generate additional income without any extra effort on your part.
  • Greater convenience: Wellerz handles all the small details, such as payment collections, bookings, and calendar management, so you can focus on your business or other responsibilities.
  • Flexibility: With Wellerz, you can offer your renters the flexibility they desire, including the ability to make same-day reservations, change their reservations, or rent on a recurring basis.
  • Increased appeal: By offering the convenience and flexibility of Wellerz, you can make your space more appealing to potential renters, which can help increase demand for your space.

Wellerz does not charge any listing fees for uploading your space to our platform. In fact, there are no subscription fees, installation fees, or any other hidden charges when you use Wellerz. The only time you pay is when your space is booked through our platform. Wellerz charges a 6% fee on all bookings, which includes credit card and banking fees. For example, if someone rents your space for $100, the Wellerz fee will be $6, and you will receive a net rental income of $94.

No, there are no subscriptions required to use Wellerz. Creating an account and listing your space(s) on our platform is free of charge. You only pay a fee when your space is booked through our platform. The Wellerz fee is 6% of the booking value, which includes credit card and banking fees. There are no additional charges or hidden fees when you use Wellerz.

Uploading a space to Wellerz is simple and easy. First, create a free account on the Wellerz platform.


Once logged in:

  • Click on “List my space” (or “Add a listing”)
  • Follow the easy-to-follow listing process, takes around 5-10 minutes
  • Control your space details such as price, available hours, and access
  • Sit back and enjoy automatic bookings and payment collections
  • Add multiple rooms within the same space by uploading each room separately, and each room will have its own booking calendar and different price options

Pictures of your space are an important part of the listing process on Wellerz. They help tell the story of your space and provide potential renters with the information they need to decide whether it is the right fit for their needs.


It is recommended to upload at least 5-8 pictures of each room or space, showing the space from different angles and highlighting any relevant details. These pictures should be able to answer any questions that a practitioner or therapist might have about your space. By providing detailed, informative pictures, you can help potential renters get a better sense of your space and make informed decisions about whether to book it.

To upload multiple spaces on Wellerz, simply log into your account and click on “Add a listing.” Follow the steps to list each space individually. You can list as many spaces as you want under your Wellerz account, and each space will have its own separate listing and calendar. This allows you to manage your different spaces independently and set different rental prices and availability for each one.

To edit an existing listing on Wellerz, follow these steps:


  1. Log into your Wellerz account.
  2. Go to the “My Listings” section.
  3. Click on the “Edit” button for the listing you want to modify.
  4. Make the desired changes to your listing and save them.


This will allow you to update your listing with new information or make any necessary changes to your space’s availability or pricing.

To discontinue a listing on Wellerz, please send an email to with a link to the listing you want to remove. The Wellerz team will assist you in taking the listing down from the platform. Please note that once a listing is discontinued, it will no longer be available for renters to book. If you wish to make your space available for rentals again in the future, we will be happy to assist you with that.

Wellerz handles the payment process for you by automatically depositing your rental income into your bank account. The deposit is made around the 5th of the month for all the rental activity from the previous month, net of Wellerz’s 6% booking fees. For example, if you had rentals in September, you will receive a direct deposit around October 5th. You will also receive a detailed report showing the booking activity for each of your listings, whether you have one or twenty. This makes it easy for you to track your rental income and manage your finances whether you have one or many listings.

Wellerz has the following cancellation policy:


  • Hourly bookings of up to 3 hours have a 24-hour free cancellation policy.
  • Multi-hour bookings of more than 3 hours (e.g., a booking for 6 hours or a full day) have a 7-day free cancellation policy.
  • Monthly-day bookings have a month-to-month commitment. For example, if the renter  books in January, he can cancel from March on.


If a booking is canceled within the applicable time frame, the renter will receive a credit that will be automatically applied towards their next booking. After the free cancellation period has expired, no further cancellations are allowed.

Wellerz provides detailed reports of your booking activity and payment information every month. These reports show the activity for each of your listings, whether you have one or many. You can also view all your booking activity and filter the data by going to the “Reservations” section of your Wellerz account. This allows you to track your rental income and manage your finances with ease.

Yes, Wellerz offers a referral program for our users. To access more information about the referral program, including the specific terms and conditions, go to the “Referrals” section of your account. To access this section, click on your name in the dropdown menu and select “Referrals.” This is a great way to share Wellerz with your local professional community and earn some extra credit.

There are a few ways you can help promote your space:


  • Share your personal link to your listings with your local community through group emails, networking bulletin boards, or social media.
  • Utilize the referral program offered by Wellerz by referring friends and colleagues to the platform. Give credits from Wellerz to be spent at your space and help spread the word.
  • To access the referral program, navigate to the “Referrals” section in your account by clicking on your name in the dropdown menu and selecting “Referrals”.