The future of renting therapy
and wellness spaces

Unlock the full potential of your rental income. Whether you own therapy and wellness space investments, or you’re a practitioner with a room to share

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Why Wellerz ?

We bring the renters to you

Tap into our thriving community of practitioners. We bring the renters to you – but you get to choose who’s a good fit for your space, and who can book time through our platform

Our platform does all the work for you

Hand off the headaches of marketing, payment collections, and managing your calendars. Maintain control of the important things: who can rent your space, when you want to rent it, how much to charge

You generate more income

Increase usage and rental rates by offering practitioners what they want: a great space with flexible terms

What other owners are saying about us

Office suite owner
“I was always daunted by all the work – marketing, scheduling, cancellations, payment collections – you name it. Now it’s all done for me and I have more time to take care of my space – and my clients.”
shira 1

“As soon as I joined Wellerz, I received interest from amazing like-minded therapists. Today I have a thriving community, and I’m making more income, while helping them with flexible office solutions.”

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Office suite owner

“Wellerz allows me to easily offer flexible space solutions. It makes me more competitive, allowing me to generate more income, compared to my old-fashioned, pre-COVID ways.”

How does it work?

  1. List your space(s) on Wellerz. Easily, in 5-10 minutes
  2. Set your rental rates (hourly, full day, etc.) and the available hours.
  3. Decide who can book your space.
  4. Sit back as bookings and
    payments are managed
    automatically for you!

Spaces that serve
your profession

Our team is here to help. Leave your contact details,
and we will reach out to you soon.