This is your time to thrive

Enjoy the freedom of flexible spaces, free of contracts or commitments, anywhere, anytime!

Wellerz is for you!

Starting your private practice?

Pay as you grow! Need to use a space for only a few hours a week? No problem. Need more hours or days as you grow? We got you. Focus on your clients and on growing your practice, we’ll take care of the space. No contracts, no commitments. Pay for what you need. And not a penny more!

Our platform does all the work for you

Whatever your needs for a professional work space, we have your back! Need space for a day? Half-day? Hourly? Recurring? Different locations? We have it all. Unleash the full potential of your practice by making yourself available to your clients whenever you want, without contracts or commitments – and pay only for the time you use

You generate more income

We have the perfect solution for you! With Wellerz, you’ll no longer be limited to a place or time. Your group practitioners will be available anywhere, anytime – and you’ll pay only per usage. Offer your clients more options, and realize the full potential of your group practice

How does it work?

  1. Search and find the
    ideal space for your practice.
  2. Ask to join the space that
    you like. Once approved,
    book sessions whenever
    you want, for as long as
    you want
  3. Enjoy full flexibility: Book by
    the hour, full days or any
    block of time. Special
    discounted rates apply for
    bookings of 4+ hours
  4. No commitments! Free
    cancellations. Ability to
    book in multiple locations

Spaces that serve
your profession

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