How reservations work at Wellerz

Enjoy absolute flexibility, special rates and recurring reservations!
The best part - you still don’t need to commit to anything
Choose your time slot

You can reserve one hour, a full day, or any block of time that meets your needs.

Make it a one-time, or recurring

Any reservation can be a one-time or recurring.

Sliding scale pricing

Less than 4 Hours
Reservations of less than 4 hours are priced at the hourly rate
4+ Hours
Reservations of 4 hours or more are priced on a sliding scale. The longer the reservation, the lower the rate (see table below)
Full Day
Full Day reservations have a special “Full Day Price” (see table below)
Note: Daily and sliding-scale rates may not be available in all locations
All the rates are calculated automatically based on the hourly rate:
Length of reservation
1 hr
2 hr
3 hr
4 hr
5 hr
6 hr
7 hr
8 hr
9 hr
10 + hr
Total hours price
How recurring reservations work
WhatsApp Image 2022-04-25 at 3.17 1 (1)
For any reservation, regardless of the length, you can choose to make it recurring
You can define an end-date, or keep it going until you decide to cancel it
Wellerz will automatically reserve for you the same session, every week, recurringly
At the time of making the reservation you will be charged for the sessions remaining in that specific calendar month. Thereafter, you will be charged monthly on the 1st of each recurring month.
Cancelling a reservation
You can always cancel any single reservation, if you know there are dates that you won’t need the space
If the reservation is for up to 4 hours, the regular 24-hour cancellation policy applies
If the reservation is for 4+ hours, then the cancellation policy is 1 week in advance
You can always stop a recurring reservation, if you don’t need these time-slots anylonger.
You will recive a fefund for the sessions you already paid for.
Automatic payment for future sessions will be stopped.
(For space owners) - How to turn
on block of hours and daily prices
Signin to the app
Go to “My listings”
You will have to turn this feature for each one of the listings
Click “Manage” on the listing that you would like to turn this feature on
Click “Edit”
Click “Continue” twice to reach the “Pricing and Availability” page
Change “Offer block of hours sliding scale pricing to “Yes”
Click “Continue” and then “Save”
You are all set!