Misty Morning – Eco-wellness treatment room

About the space

This treatment room is set up for Acupuncture, Massage or other manual therapies, like Craniosacral therapy or physical therapy. It can also work for other allied health and wellness professionals, e.g. nutritionists, wellness coaches, psychotherapists, etc.

This room has its own unique energy and feel, set up to create privacy and healing energy upon entering.

It is equipped with a Selenite lamp, treatment table, heat lamp, needles for acupuncture, oils for massage, a desk for writing. We provide music where you can select your choice by connecting to our SONOS system.

We have two bathrooms, a kitchenette with filtered water. On the premises is a Salt Cave and Infrared Spa that can be used as add on treatments.

The space uses BioGeometry products and principles to protect you and clients from electro-magnetic radiation.

Qualifications and documentation

Each licensed professional must submit their license and/or registration and malpractice insurance.


  • WiFi
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Waiting room
  • Music System
  • AC
  • Private restrooms
  • White Noise System
  • Receptionist
  • Air purifier
  • Kitchenette




Pricing Options

$40 / Hour
Cancellation Policy: Free 24 Hours Before Session

About the owner


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