Celebrate US National Chiropractic Day professionally


Chiropractic manipulation is one of the youngest healthcare practices with worldwide acclaim. US experts in this profession celebrate their craft on September 18, which is National Chiropractic Day. Wellerz honors chiropractors of America on behalf of our international community. We also share ways to create a stronger career in the field, from learning about your professional roots to finding a top-notch chiropractic office space for rent.


The history behind the Chiropractic Founders Day


Daniel David Palmer, the inventor of chiropractic, was a controversial yet legendary figure. A big fan of alternative practices, such as magnetic healing, he marked September 18, 1895, as the day he fixed a deaf man’s healing by manually adjusting his spine. Palmer then spent the subsequent years fleshing out the practice he named “chiropractic”. His invention was an almost immediate success, although not without some plagiarism disputes with the osteopathic community.


Since the days of controversy, chiropractic has evolved and reached the status of respected complementary medicine practice. It’s still based on manual treatment of a human spine, and aimed at reducing musculoskeletal problems and pains.


Modern chiropractors reject the dated beliefs of their predecessors. For example, they realize that chiropractic won’t cure 95% of known diseases, including viral illnesses. They also stress the importance of vaccination and medicine instead of advocating against them, even though chiropractic adjustments offer drug-free pain relief. Science-backed research and clinical medicine are the core of contemporary chiropractic.


How big is chiropractic today?


In the present-day US, 35 mln people seek chiropractic treatment every year, with 1 mln daily adjustments. More than 60% of chiropractic patients are females. The most popular adjustments among the patients are for combating lower back and neck pain.


The global community of professional chiropractors has more than 104 thousand registered practitioners. More than half are located in the US — which is mind-blowing! — making the States the world’s chiropractic capital. Oftentimes, chiropractic is a family trade, especially in America, but more and more specialists learn the craft of it independently.


You might be a hereditary or one who studied chiropractic on your own accord. Regardless, your career would be impossible without a modern chiropractic office. Here’s how to use the rental model that would help you save time and expenses while staying the most convenient for your clients.


How to find a chiropractic space for rent in the US


First things first, you don’t have to look for long-term space rentals with monthly or annual contracts. The modern reality calls for more flexible practice, and it is compatible with the on-demand rent model.


Wellerz has listings offered by your fellow professionals: modern chiropractor rooms for rent with everything you need. Those clean, comfortable, and safe modern spaces can be booked for just an hour — no commitment or contracts required.


You can:


  • Pick a chiropractic space on the map in a convenient location all over the US, from big cities to small towns;
  • Book as many free timeslots as you need, and cancel anytime;
  • Experiment with different types of chiropractic spaces, finding the best one for you;
  • Easily manage your rentals in your personal calendar.

Join Wellerz for free, and make your chiropractic career a breeze!

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