Physical Therapy Day 2022 – Time to improve your practice


You are a Physical Therapy practitioner? Wellerz congratulates you, as this is your day! Read more about the history of World PT Day and Wellerz tips on how to improve your practice, increase your income and be more available for your clients.


History and meaning of the World physical therapy day


September 8 is marked as the World Physical Therapy Day. The first time, this day was celebrated in 1996. The date itself was adopted in order to give respect to the foundation of World Physiotherapy, which happened on September 8, 1951.


The goal of this mark is to underline the unity and solidarity of the entire physiotherapy community, which members live all around the world. The main idea is to show everyone a great work, that every therapist does for their patients every day, and also show the progress that has been achieved for the decades of this tradition’s existence.


Tips on how to improve your physical therapy practice


Many international organizations, such as World Physiotherapy, use the World PT Day for promoting the profession itself, as well as to support national physiotherapy organizations and individuals, who work day and night with the goal of making people’s lives better.


It is worth mentioning, that these national organizations set their own physical therapy days (even weeks and months). The purpose is rather obvious: such a strategy helps to promote the services therapists provide in particular areas and regions, uphold their interests, and in some sort invite the local people to get proper treatment, if they have health problems.


Heard about short term Physical therapy offices?


The three most important issues that private practitioners need to deal with are


  • The need of renting a long term therapy spaces, with a hole month payment without knowing if they have enough clients to fill it up every single day.
  • Be bounded to a harsh contract of a monthly rent for minimum a year.
  • Purchasing of all the expensive equipment and the treatment table


But what if we tell you, that there is a solution?


Using Wellerz platform, physiotherapy specialists don’t need to deal with all the paper bureaucracy, if they are looking for physical therapy office for rent. They are provided with the possibility to find a therapy office near them in the most convenient way, with the option to book by available time slots, without contracts or additional charges reservation cancellation.
On our platform you will find Physical therapy rooms that are comfortable, quite, and provided with all the necessary equipment, so you just go there, invite your patients and do your work without worrying about any side factors.




To sum up, here are the advantages, that you can get, as an individual therapist, if you join Wellerz:


  • No need for spending time and resources on documentation and long rent. Now, you are free to choose time, place and conditions of your work.
  • No need for spending time and resources on documentation and long rent. Now, you are free to choose time, place and conditions of your work.
  • Through that, you can improve your physical therapy practice. You have all the basis to control your time in the most effective way, and save extra money for yourselves and your skills.
  • You are already provided with physical therapy room + equipment and exercise table. Your task is to bring your patients there and start working.


Physical therapy is extremely important these days, as more and more people require the helping hand of the specialist. The described program and World Physical Therapy Day are those steps that can direct this helping hand and attract people all over the world to this sphere.


There is much to do yet, but it is possible to say, that the progress is already great, and new achievements are expected in the near future.

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