Opening a yoga practice: useful tips

So, your dreams are getting closer to reality: you want to start a Yoga business soon. Let us walk you through the essentials! 

What you CAN'T go without when starting a yoga studio business

Start by saving this checklist: 

1. Proper licensing

First, teaching credentials. You might be an incredible teacher who will give their students nothing but a wealth of knowledge and would never harm them. But they don’t know that yet, and a Yoga teacher certification increases trust on the spot. Plus, the laws in your country/state of business may require licensing for Yoga instructors. 


Second, licenses and permits for operating a Yoga practice. These will most likely include, depending on the country: 


  • Business Registration Certificate; 
  • State and/or federal taxes registration;
  • Health Department permit; 
  • First Aid Certification.

Then there’s also a Fire Department permit. However, if you’re renting a Yoga studio, and not buying one, you may just check if your landlord has one already. For instance, space owners who list their spaces on Wellerz have them legally set up and ready to use all year round. 


Note: if you’re starting an online Yoga business, you might only need to become self-employed and pay taxes. Please, seek legal and business counseling to learn about your country’s requirements.   

2. Business plan and budgeting

It’s never a bad idea to hire a consultant, but you can — and need! — to create an outline on your own. Your Yoga studio business plan should include: 


  • A vision statement. You need to understand your niche, the audience you want to target, and what you want to accomplish in 6-12 months.
  • A competitor and customer overview. Analyze the current supply and demand of the Yoga business industry. 
  • Budgeting. Includes marketing expenses, operational costs, licensing and legal fees, equipment, rent, etc.

3. Renting a suitable space

There are options like: 


  • Renting an entire studio for yourself. This is quite pricey, especially for beginners who will be faced with inevitable downtime. 


  • Sub-leasing or renting a space in a fitness or holistic center. More affordable, but less independent, since you will most likely have to comply with the center’s concept and work with their client base instead of building your own brand. 


  • Booking a space on demand. Great for setting up a Yoga business! You rent a professional studio with everything ready for your classes but only pay for the time you use.  

Note: even if you want to focus on starting an online Yoga business, don’t discard the idea of offline studios. You can use hourly rentals to advertise your practice and build a customer base through offline workshops, charity events, or corporate classes. 


And you can definitely record or livestream your online Yoga courses from a professional studio you’ve rented on demand! We guarantee it: there are Yoga studios for hire near you that will make a gorgeous setting for your videos. Spaces like that are constructed professionally, with great lighting, interior, etc. If you want to try an online Yoga business model but don’t have the means to build it from home, short-term rentals are perfect. 

4.Promotion and advertising

You have to spread the word about your Yoga business constantly and round the clock. Start your first marketing campaign right after you’ve created your studio name and logo. These are just a few ways to promote your Yoga brand: 

  • Create accounts on different social media platforms and text messengers for the studio. Use all formats, from pictures to videos and interactive Instagram Stories to engage with your audience. 


Don’t just blatantly advertise your business, but showcase your knowledge as a Yoga instructor: share tips, trivia, and lifehacks do Q&As. By setting up targeted ads (for instance, across all Meta platforms) you will reach more customers from your area interested in doing Yoga. 


  • Create a website with detailed information on your mission, classes, schedules, etc. Implement online bookings, contacts, and social media widgets. 


You can hire SEO and web promo specialists to make your site more visible to search engines. 


  • List your yoga business on platforms like Yelp, Google My Business, Apple Maps, and professional Yoga directories. Ask your students for reviews! 


  • Host one-time events or free public classes. E.g.: contact your local city council and apply to host a yoga class in a park, offer a corporate discount rooftop Yoga gathering for a local business team, etc. 

Where to rent a Yoga studio for an affordable price?

There are few things more inspiring than looking at beautiful Yoga studios that can be yours. Spaces like that are listed on Wellerz, with real photos, great hourly prices, and convenient locations on your area map. And you can rent as many as you wish, on-demand!


Complete our lightning-fast registration and start managing your Yoga studio bookings now.

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