National Psychotherapy Day: celebrate with Wellerz


Psychotherapy has been around for more than ten centuries. In the US, the professionals in this field celebrate their day on September 25 each year.


Here you can find Wellerz’s (Wellerz, a platform where you can find the best psychotherapy office space for rent) tips on how to improve your psychotherapy practice.


Let’s take a look at the history of psychotherapy, and the ways to become more convenient for your patients in modern times.


How psychotherapy came to be


Mental illness and mental health conditions have been stigmatized for as long as humanity existed. And for just as long, there were always people trying to end the stigma and find the solution. Through trial and error, the road to psychotherapy was created.


The 9th century A.D. is when the first doctor-led psychotherapy treatments were documented. The pioneer was a Persian physician Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi. While working at a Baghdad hospital, he came up with the early version of a psychiatric ward. Razi treated patients with medication, diet, occupational therapy, early forms of cognitive therapy, as well as aromatherapy, music, and baths. He was a big supporter of a positive approach, keeping patients in good spirits and reminding them that their condition can always improve. In addition, Razi believed that a healer of one’s mind must be soft-spoken, compassionate, and gentle.


Psychotherapy in its modern form, with an established name and core concept, was created by Josef Breuer and Sigmund Freud in the 19th century. Freud really fleshed out the science of “talking therapy”, resulting in the always evolving system of treatments, aimed at mental and emotional distress.


In the US, psychotherapy became popular in the mid-1900-s and came to stay.


What psychotherapy is like in the US today


Nowadays, thousands, if not millions of psychotherapy offices worldwide welcome patients daily. Remote counseling sessions became possible thanks to the digital era. Breakthrough methods are being discovered, and new approaches embraced. The future looks bright. How about the US in particular?


Some facts:


  • More than 198,800 licensed psychotherapists are employed in the US today. Some meet their patients at home (theirs or the patient’s), but most either own a separate place, or find a psychotherapy office for rent. Remote sessions are also on demand;
  • 76,6% of American psychotherapists identify as women;
  • 41 is the average age of American psychotherapists;
  • More than 41 million adults in the US seek psychotherapy at least once a year.


Thanks to the dutiful work of psychotherapists and clinical psychologists in the US, mental health problems become less and less demonized. Currently, the most popular types of psychotherapy in the country are: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Interpersonal psychotherapy, as well as psychoanalytical and psychodynamic therapy.


How to improve your psychotherapy practice and reach more patients


As a private practitioner, you know the pros and cons of going solo. One of the biggest pros, of course, is freedom. The task of finding that perfect “psychotherapy office space for rent near me”, however, is one of the biggest cons. Especially when you have to enter a long-term lease, with hefty monthly payments and other expenses.


A state-of-the-art rental model by Wellerz is a solution that eliminates one more pitfall of private psychotherapy practice. Through our platform, you can find a therapist office space for rent in any location, and book for just an hour. Or longer, if you need to.


On Wellerz, your fellow psychotherapy practitioners list comfortable, modern spaces for:


  • Solo therapy;
  • Couple therapy;
  • Group counseling;
  • Child psychotherapy;
  • Multi-purpose psychotherapy spaces and more.


By booking a therapist space for rent on demand, you can meet your patients anywhere around town, if needed. With Wellerz, you don’t need contracts, paid plans, or prepayments. You can easily manage your bookings via your account, reschedule, cancel, or rent several slots in advance.


All listings on Wellerz are vetted, with real photographs, and the ability to contact the space owner. You can choose a space with accommodations that suit your therapy methods, or a certain patient’s needs, best.


By saving money on long-term therapy space leases, and booking an office only when you need it, you have more time and resources to put into your professional growth.


Join Wellerz and become free of rental contracts!

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