Celebrate International Beauty Day 2022 by amping up your practice


Are you a beautician, esthetician, cosmetologist, lash technician, or another type of beauty biz wiz? Let us wish you a Happy International Beauty Day then! Making other people happy and in love with themselves is a beautiful job. Let’s learn how to make the most of it.


But first, some trivia about International Beauty Day


World Beauty Day, or International Beauty Day, is a relatively young holiday. It’s been established back in 1995 by the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology (CIDESCO): the Russian subdivision was the one to come up with the idea. Since then, International Beauty Day is celebrated annually on September 9.


CIDESCO, which has its headquarters in Switzerland, is known for creating world standards for wellness and SPA treatments. Therefore, it’s not just outer beauty that is celebrated today, but also inner one, including health and psychological harmony.


The concept behind World Beauty Day also was to praise the workers of the beauty industry, from companies to researchers, from large franchises to small businesses. This industry shifts and changes, and there’s a new approach to evolve with it as a professional.


How to make yourself a better beauty industry pro with Wellerz


As a professional in the industry, you know the pitfalls of finding an esthetician or beauty room rental. Most lease offers require entering agreements for at least a month. Meaning, that you would need to pay a hefty sum to your landlord for that esthetician treatment room. Regardless if that month was actually profitable.


There’s a way to make things more flexible, convenient, and affordable without risking the quality of your services, though. Wellerz beauty studios for rent on demand: a revolutionary approach to the industry.


With Wellerz, you can:


  • rent a legitimate esthetician treatment room on the spot when you need it, for an hour or more;
  • find an esthetician space for rent in a location near you;
  • find a beauty studio for rent from fellow industry professionals who know what you need;
  • go without signing contracts for the esthetician treatment room and committing to anything;
  • cancel the booking any time, hassle-free.


Wellerz works with trusted space owners, provides real information about any esthetician space for rent you set your eyes on, and doesn’t have any paid plans. Like we said, no commitment, just beauty.


Bottom line


International Beauty Day is a great chance to focus on what really matters: perfecting your craft and not stressing about whether you’ll be able to pay your rent this month. All that for finding a gorgeous esthetician room for rent on the spot.


Join Wellerz for free, find the best beauty studios for rent, and stay gorgeous and happy — inside and out.

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