How to start your private daily office space rental business

Step by step guide on launching your daily office space rental business

Here’s why offering your space for daily rent is a great idea. Under this rental model, one tenant can earn you up to $600 a month, and you can also set up an hourly rental model starting from $25—$30. 

The digital economy is reigning, and almost 50% of people worldwide are self-employed, according to Statista, turning to more flexible working conditions. Modern professionals and their clients prefer to be mobile and not bind themselves up with long-term rental contacts. Your “day office rent” model corresponds with their demands.  

Let’s learn how to generate income from renting out your office space for an hour or a day.  

Step One: Decide on who to lease to

We use the word “office” as an umbrella term. In fact, you can own a rental space that will be perfect for estheticians and beauticians like lash or nail techs. Or as a room for bodywork therapists, acupuncture practitioners, and so on.  


You can also have some extra space to share with a colleague or someone from the related professional field. For instance, a massage therapist can rent the space to chiropractors during the time they don’t use it, a psychotherapist — to dietitians, and so on. 

Step Two: Double check all permits and licenses

Rental and short-term commercial rental laws are different in every country or even region. Learn about what is required in the area where you’re about to lease the office. 


Here’s a brief checklist to get you on the track: 


  • Learn if you need a business license to offer short-term rentals; 
  • Find out what rules apply to landlords in your area;
  • Check if the building where your office is doesn’t have any safety problems, including faulty structure, blocked fire escapes, hazards like asbestos or mold, etc. The building owner must have all permits and proof of routine check-ups;
  • If you’re planning to rent to wellness, bodywork, or medical practitioners you might need additional permits as well as space requirements. 
  • Only rent out to tenants who can prove their right to operate as a practitioner/entrepreneur.

Step Three: Bring in relevant equipment

People who look to rent a workspace for a day obviously expect a fully furnished office, but don’t go with a bare minimum. 

At this step you’ve already figured out which professionals to lease to, so add relevant furniture and equipment that will increase your chances for bookings.  


A few examples: 


  • A treatment table for massage therapists, acupuncture and reiki specialists, chiropractors, and beauticians. (Most practitioners in those fields look to rent a treatment table separately, so you’re giving them a better offer for the money: they can lease an entire workspace that already has one); 
  • A white noise machine for mental health counselors;
  • Large mirrors for beauty specialists; 
  • Whiteboard and a large tv set for life coaches. 

Step Four: Set up accessibility options

With daily or hourly rentals a stream of tenants always changes, and each practitioner needs timely access. Obviously, you can’t issue keys for everyone, so use one or several safe alternatives: 


  • A smart lock. There are numerous great options: the models with digital keypads, or the models with their own app that generates unique access codes; 
  • Key exchange services. Those are actively used by residential property landlords from Airbnb or Booking, but you can easily sign up with them too. Your tenant will just drop the keys/key cards in one of those, and the next one will pick them up; 
  • A doorman. If your building has one, ask if they pick up and give out keys to your tenants. 

Step Five: Add consumables

Of course, you don’t have to fully supply your tenants: they must bring their consumables. But a small, yet always present stock of necessities is a nice touch that you should add to your listing description. It increases client loyalty, as well as the number of positive reviews and referrals. 




  • Box of tissues for mental health counselor meetings; 
  • Crayons and sketchbooks for child-friendly therapy spaces; 
  • Whiteboard markers and sticky post-its for group meeting sessions (life coaching, therapy, counseling, etc.); 
  • Paper towels and gowns for estheticians, beauticians, and bodywork therapists; 
  • Coffee, tea, sugar, snacks, toiletries, and air fresheners for anyone. 

Step Six: List your one-day office rental on Wellerz

Take professional pictures of your office space rental and post them on Wellerz. Tenants will send you booking requests and secure payments right on the platform. 

Why Wellerz is great for your daily office rent business

Our platform is where practitioners who google “daily office space rental near me” arrive. We connect them with you while giving you absolute freedom: you decide whose bookings to approve and what to charge. No contracts, no paid plans: start your daily office space rental business with Wellerz today!

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