How to become a more flexible healthcare practitioner


Gone are the days when work — especially in healthcare or wellness — had to be a space-time monolith. Flexibility can be beneficial for you and your clients. And embracing is nothing hard: see our tips below.


Tips for increasing healthcare private practice flexibility


(Remember: you don’t have to jump right into the deep end. Make gradual adjustments, and you’ll eventually arrive at the desired flexibility level).  


Deploy a hybrid working model


  • Segment your existing client base on those who prefer in-house and in-office sessions, and those who are more comfortable with telehealth.  
  • Rent therapy offices on demand in different parts of the town to broaden your outreach and become more convenient for your clients. You can book an office for just an hour, which is a great money saver in terms of the lease.  


Rent from a fellow healthcare practitioner


Only another wellness specialist will understand you and your clients’ demands. Short-term rentals on Wellerz are fully equipped for physical therapy, mental health counseling, acupuncture, chiropractic, and more  — because it’s your colleagues who rent them out. Booking from our listings means being sure your place of work will have everything you need. And less hassle = more flexibility. 


Have a per diem assistant on a speed dial


  • Create a float pool of specialists that can help you out during busy hours. This includes specialists, nurses, interns, trainees: anyone who’s qualified and licensed to assist your sessions. 
  • Maintain a base of those on-demand assistants: name, years of experience, education, hourly rate, hard and soft skills, location, contacts, schedule link. This will help you pick the right person on short notice.  


Empower yourself with technology


  • Utilize everything digital: from omnichannel platforms to AI. Automate as much of your time management as possible: use chatbots, quick replies, advanced calendars, and reminders. 
  • Control your schedule from anywhere: for instance, with Wellerz you can pick and book a suitable healthcare office from your phone, as soon as your client makes an appointment.


Extend patient service hours…


Not many healthcare providers out there meet clients after hours or on national holidays. With a hybrid work model, you’ll be able to offer flexible therapy hours: for emergencies or when it’s most convenient for a certain patient. This means more control over your own time: you won’t be chained to a fixed schedule. 


but don’t overwork: keep it balanced…


Goes without saying: mental and physical health is your best business investment. Flexibility, and the freedom that comes with it, can be tempting for workaholics. Don’t forget to get enough sleep, eat properly, and don’t get overbooked. 


Don’t neglect marketing: outsource it.


Advertising yourself on- and offline is crucial for a wellness practitioner. But since it also requires time, many push it aside. Just outsource your marketing to a reputable agency as a turnkey project: they will make you visible on social media and ads, and you will enjoy the leads.  


Advertise yourself as a flexible practitioner!


Make yourself known on the wellness market as someone who easily adapts to their clientele schedules and requirements. Your supply will meet the demand, getting that flexibility on the track. 


Need help with adding flexibility in your healthcare business


Start with checking our listings of professional short-term wellness rentals in your city! Or contact the Wellerz team for quick assistance. 

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