How calming therapist office decor can improve the results of therapy

The environment we spend time in has significant effects on how we feel. As a mental health professional, you should never underestimate the importance of your office design. In this article, we’ll discuss how to create calming therapist office decor to achieve faster improvement at work.


An appropriate decoration can boost your productivity and create a more relaxing setting for the people you work with. Even the slightest distractions may ruin the whole point of therapy or coaching session. After all, a person is coming to counseling with a heavy “baggage” of his past experiences so it’s highly recommended to ease the tension in all possible ways. Design is one of them.

Where to find a professionally designed office for therapy

The good thing is that you don’t have to be a pro (or hire one) to implement some therapy office design ideas in your space. Actually, you don’t even need to own a professionally-arranged room – you can book it online for your sessions.


On Wellerz, you can find a budget-friendly therapy office for rent that is already furnished and equipped with everything you need for an effective session. Neutral colors, isolated and soundproof rooms, AC for regulating temperature, and comfortable furniture will maintain your professional image and provide a certain level of comfort for the people you work with.


Therapists find hourly rental solutions quite convenient because they allow them to adapt to the individual needs of their clients. Since you cannot customize an office to suit everyone at once, you can choose the most appropriate environment for every meeting/person. Why is it crucial? Because some clients feel comfortable when sitting across the desk from their therapists and others are more sincere and open when there are no objects between them and a counselor.

Calming therapist office decor: must-haves

People judge a therapist’s competence based on the formality of his office. Whether you’re looking for design tips to upgrade your own space or want to rent a fully furnished room, you need to know what decor creates a perfect therapeutic setting. The general rules are quite simple and suit the majority of people:


  •     soft light
  •     neutral colors
  •     layout
  •     additional visual details (diplomas, art, plants, books, etc)


We have studied multiple therapist office decor ideas on Pinterest and Google, and ready to give you a heads up.



Lighting plays heavily into our mood. For example, harsh and fluorescent lights may irritate and annoy us, while soft and dim lights stimulate more intimate (hence, open) conversation. And of course, nothing is more uplifting than natural light. Although you can’t predict the weather outside, at least make sure there’s a window in your office. Avoid hanging curtains – they create too homey atmosphere.



Appropriate furniture is an important aspect of modern therapist office decor. Where does your client prefer to sit? A couch? An armchair? At the desk? Ask these questions before furnishing the room or booking it. Ergonomics is another aspect that cannot be ignored. People coming to therapy don’t want a fancy couch, they need to feel safe and comfortable. Soft and smooth surfaces evoke relaxation.

Colors and textures

Calming therapist office decor involves the use of neutral colors and cool shades: beige, sage green, light gray, dusty blue, and others. When choosing a room’s design, consider your client’s demographics – some may feel uneasy when surrounded by expensive materials and furniture, and others may be offended by seating in a shabby space.


Luckily, you can see the real photos of therapy offices on Wellerz before booking one. Depending on your client’s preferences, you can select the most suitable and comforting setting.


Olfactory and acoustic features

They have little to do with therapy office design ideas but play an important role in a client’s well-being. It doesn’t mean that you have to use aromatherapy and music interventions – just make sure that there are distressing smells and background noises in the room. White noise machines and air purifiers will do the job just right.

Find spaces with modern therapist office decor on Wellerz

While it may be aspiring to watch people’s gorgeous offices, it can also be quite intimidating. Especially if you can’t afford to style your own space. But you can always rent it for a short term. Hourly office space rental NYC is a perfect solution for therapists, coaches, counselors, and other professionals. Rooms are already furnished and can be booked for as little as one hour.


Find your ideal therapy office on Wellerz and meet with your clients in the most prestigious boroughs and buildings in NYC.

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