Hourly office space rental model: rent an office space on demand

Running a private practice can be both challenging and rewarding. And the main issue is always finding a convenient location for the office. But have you ever thought of hourly office space rental? This is the best way to stay flexible!


Booking a fully equipped room in the city center will resolve many issues for private practitioners. But most importantly, it will give you long-coveted freedom and autonomy. This is exactly what Wellerz offers.


These short-term solutions are great for mental health therapists, beauticians, massage therapists, coaches, and counselors. Instead of paying a huge amount of your income for an annual lease, you can Google “hourly rental space near me” and meet with your clients where and when it’s convenient for you.

Short-term vs long-term rental

Short-term leasing is an ideal option for small businesses. It gives you infinite flexibility because you decide how many hours you work per week. Plus, renting a room near your client’s workplace will improve your professional image. Making yourself accessible during a break or shortly before/after work paves the road to your success.


Here are a few more benefits of hourly space rental:


  •     You pay only for the hours you actually spend in the office.
  •     You can change rooms and locations all the time. Or book your favorite room for the whole day.
  •     Flexibility. With frequent cancellations, reschedules, and last-minute bookings, it’s important to know there’s always a room available.
  •     Professionally designed setting – all offices are furnished.
  •     No daily maintenance. Hourly office rental price already includes cleaning and supplies.
  •     No paperwork and long-term obligations. Booking a room on Wellerz is as easy as finding a hotel room for vacation.


A temporary office is the best solution for big cities, like NYC. The cost of an annual lease isn’t worth it, especially when you use your office just a couple of hours per day. Adjust your schedule as needed by looking for “hourly office rental near me”.


Affordable rental solutions by Wellerz

As a private practitioner, you know how hefty rental prices in NYC can be. Wellerz aims to provide every therapist with affordable and isolated space for work. The platform unites independent space owners and offers a vast choice of offices located in prime locations across Manhattan. These rooms can be rented for one session, several hours, or the entire day.


Find a treatment room for rent on Wellerz and get all amenities you need for a successful work – from WiFi to kitchenette. Every office is furnished according to the practice:: chairs and sofas for counseling, treatment tables for bodywork, big tables for conferences, and other facilities.


Apart from offices for therapists, Wellerz offers hourly meeting room rental for hosting meetings, brainstorming sessions, and having private Skype calls. Even if you’re a modest startup company, you can show your class and determination by booking comfortable spaces for your partners.

How to book an office on-demand online

One of the best advantages of hourly office space rental is the simple booking process. On Wellerz, it takes only a few minutes and is similar to booking a hotel room!


1.Pick an ideal space that meets your demands. There are plenty of photos, full descriptions, and the exact address of every office to help you.

2.Select a convenient date and time slot (one hour/full day/any length you need).

3.Choose a one-time or recurring option (for example, when you need a room on a certain day and time every week).

4.Confirm your booking.

The rates are calculated automatically, based on the type of room and length of booking. When searching for the hourly office space rental near me, you can also apply different filters: distance, price range, room type, and amenities.


Advantages of hourly office space rental on Wellerz

Being tied to one place is so in the past. Modern freelance workers can be mobile and adapt to the needs of their clientele. With Wellerz, hourly office rental is getting easier and faster. This is why private practitioners choose us:


  •     Simplicity. With hourly event space rental, you save time and energy for more important things.
  •     Affordability. The prices start at $20/hour, which is fairly low for this area.
  •     Only modern and fully-functioning offices. Forget about shabby and smelling rooms with old-fashioned decorations and creaking furniture.         Wellerz helps you maintain your reputation.
  •     Top location. All offices are within walking distance of the NYC subway.
  •     Easy booking/cancellation process.
  •     No hidden fees or extras.


Give a boost to your career with affordable offices for rent. Check the options offered by Wellerz and meet your clients in a stylish and professional setting.

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