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As a space owner of a therapy office space or a body work treatment room, it is essential to take the necessary steps to attract potential renters to your space. One of the most important aspects of marketing your space for rent is having high-quality pictures that accurately depict the space. Pictures are essential as they are the first impression of your space, and they can either attract or deter potential renters.

With this in mind, Abraham Stern, co-founder of, a platform that connects practitioners with rental spaces, provides useful tips to improve your pictures and increase the chances of renting your space.

First, it is important to take several pictures of the room and shared areas such as the waiting area, entrance, etc. By providing a comprehensive view of the space, potential renters can better visualize themselves in the space and feel more comfortable in their decision to rent. Moreover, if the space has a window, show how sunny and bright it is to demonstrate the natural light and ambiance that the space provides.

Next, take pictures when your phone is horizontal. This will ensure that the pictures are wider and provide a more comprehensive view of the space. If possible, use a newer phone with a wide-angle lens, like an iPhone 12 Pro or above, to capture more space in the picture.

To upload the pictures, make sure to have them downloaded on your computer in JPG format. Uploading the pictures from a computer or laptop is easier than on a mobile phone. Once on the Wellerz platform, log in to your account, go to MyListings, Manage, and then Edit. When you get to the Upload Pictures section, choose the picture to upload, adjust the zoom and view frame, and submit. Repeat the process for all the pictures, choosing the best picture to drag up so that it is the first image that people see when they search.

In conclusion, using high-quality pictures is an essential part of marketing your rental space effectively. Follow these simple tips provided by Abraham Stern to improve your pictures and increase your chances of renting your space. By showcasing the space’s features, you can attract like-minded practitioners, generate more income, and build a warm professional community.

For example, let’s take a look at this Wellerz listing: 

Wellerz | (#818) High-end COVID-Compliant Acupuncturist Treatment Room . The pictures provided in this listing showcase the amenities that the room includes, which are necessary for acupuncturist sessions.

In the first picture, we can see a professional treatment table, which is essential for acupuncturist sessions. This table is large enough to accommodate different body types and is sturdy enough to support the weight of the patient. Additionally, the picture shows that the table is covered with a clean, white sheet, which adds to the professional and sanitary appearance of the space. We also see a professional heating lamp, which is another essential element for acupuncturist sessions.

Let’s look at another example: 

Wellerz | Upscale 5th Ave Corner Psychotherapy Office in Flatiron This is a great example on how to showcase that the room is sunlit, with multiple windows and open views.

Or this example:
Wellerz | (#1114) Upscale therapy office (recurring day rentals only) which shows not only the therapy room from different angles, but also shows the shared areas such as waiting area, thge corridors, etc.

The idea is to show everything that there is to know about the space, so potential renters know exactly what to expect when renting the space.  A picture is with a thousand words!

Let’s look at a few more good examples.  This one: Wellerz | (#812) Sundrenched, spacious, beautiful psychotherapy office is a great example for showing the size of the room, the length of the couch – for therapists who have patients who like to lie down during sessions, and the quality of the professional chair for the therapist to use.

This one: Wellerz | Group space 8-12 participants is a good example of how to showcase the seating arrangement for a group session.

The most important thing to remember is that when potential renters are looking at your listing, they will make a decision whether to rent it or not based on the available pictures.  If they look nice, appealing and answer all the questions that a renter may have, people will rent it.  If there are open, unanswered questions, people will not rent it.  Here are examples of questions that you should automatically answer with the pictures:  Is there a window in the room?  Is there a desk in the room? How many people can comfortably sit in the room?  Is there a waiting area? Etc. 

In summary, you will do yourself a favor by adding multiple pictures, showing the space from different angles, and conveying with images anything you need to know about your space.

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