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Looking for a consultation space? A talk therapy suite? Perhaps a bodywork room or a movement studio? Browse our selection to find the perfect match for your professional requirements.

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Beautiful, clean spaces designed for your professional needs. Filter for therapy or consultation rooms, bodywork tables, movement art studios, and more.

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Pay only for the time that you use! More patients/clients? Book more hours. On vacation? You’ll never have to pay for an empty office again

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Spaces that serve
your profession

Whether you’re an acupuncturist, a mental health expert, a massage or wellness
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The Different Booking Options Of Wellerz

Wellerz offers four different booking options to suit the needs of private practice professionals. Whether you need a space for a single hour, a few hours, an entire day, or on a regular basis, Wellerz has a booking option that fits your needs and budget. With the flexibility and convenience to choose when and where you work, Wellerz provides private practice professionals with the right space at the right price.

Hourly Rate

The hourly option allows you to rent a therapy space for a single hour at a time. This option is perfect for those who need a space for a short appointment or meeting. With the hourly option, you have complete flexibility and convenience to book a space when and where you need it.

Multi-Hour Discounted Rate

The multi-hour discounted rate allows you to rent a therapy space for a longer period of time, such as several hours or half a day. This option provides a discounted rate compared to the hourly option and is perfect for those who need a space for an extended appointment or meeting.


Single-Day Rate

The single-day rate allows you to rent a therapy space for an entire day. This option is perfect for those who need a space for an all-day workshop or training session. With the single-day rate, you have the convenience and flexibility to book a space for an entire day when you need it.


Monthly-Day Rate

The monthly-day rate allows you to rent a therapy space for a specified number of days each month. This option is perfect for those who need a space on a regular basis, such as once a week or once a month. With the monthly-day rate, you have the flexibility to choose the days that work best for you and your clients


What practitioners like you
say about Wellerz

With Wellerz I can see my patients in different locations on different days. It is very easy to book my time slots online, and cancellations are free. Being able to pay with a Credit Card is a nice bonus.
Kevin-Montiel 1
Kevin Montiel
Therapist, MS, LMSW
Wellerz allows me to accommodate patients with last-minute needs or scheduling changes. Whether I need a space on my off day, or an extra room for additional patients, I always find it on Wellerz.
paul 1
Dr. Paul Ryan
Acupuncturist, DACM, L.A.
Wellerz is a godsend for Licensed Massage Therapists! We always need flexible options. Patients book last minute, or reschedule often, or they want me to come to a different location. Wellerz solves all this for me and I only pay for the sessions I use!
IMG-20220309-WA0003 1
Patrina, Best
Licensed Massage Therapist

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