Starting a Reiki business: useful tips

Tips and tricks for setting up a Reiki business

If you decided to share the power of Reiki, you might as well make some profit, wouldn’t you? But if you don’t know where to begin, follow our checklist. 

On proper budgeting and pricing

  • Small backup savings are better than none. No matter how tempting it is to rush into launching your own Reiki business, fill up that piggy bank first. Even if the sum is modest, a safety cushion is a safety cushion. 


  • Keep your professional expenses separate. Your business should have its own bank account for charges like rent, marketing, Reiki supplies, software, and even gas or public transport fares on business days. And as soon as you’re able, hire a freelance business accountant to analyze your situation. 


  • Monitor per session prices offered by other Reiki practitioners in your area. In the beginning, you may want to charge less than they do in order to attract clients. But your goal should be to increase the prices eventually to reach that level. Just don’t do it abruptly: always inform your customers beforehand.


  • Experiment with special offers for your Reiki clients. Offer personal discounts and seasonal sales. Introduce a cashback system. Charge less if a client purchases multiple sessions at once. 


On licensing and insurance


  • Research local laws before launching your Reiki business. Is there a special permit you have to obtain as a healthcare practitioner? What are the taxpaying regulations? What kind of business licensing is required from you? 


Since Reiki involves bodywork, in many places it will fall under massage laws and require specific permits (like License to Touch, common in the US legislature). Pay extra attention to this part. 


  • Liability insurance is a great thing to have. Some companies have offers for alternative medicine businesses, including Reiki practitioners. 

On renting a Reiki studio

    • Rent a wellness space on demand. There’s no need to pour money into a long-term lease with paperwork when you can book legitimate pay-per-hour studios. It adds flexibility and freedom in your 

    Reiki practice. Not to mention exceptional value for money, as can be seen with Wellerz listings. 

    For a fixed rate, you can easily hire a professional bodywork space with:

    • Reiki table
    • Fresh linens and towels, toiletries; 
    • Waiting area;
    • Optimal lighting (including blinds and dimmable lamps);
    • Kitchen space; 
    • WiFi, A/C, air purifiers, music system, private washrooms;
    • …and other amenities, including gorgeous window views, separate parking space, and a concierge.

    Utility bills, cleaning services, and other space management tasks won’t be your problem, unlike with a long-term lease. Space owners diligently take care of everything necessary for a professional wellness environment — including compliance with safety and health protocols. 

On promotion and marketing

  • Use the aspects you love the most about Reiki and center your vision around it. Is it the power of battling anxiety and fear, restarting happiness? Or maybe the ability to ease the pain? Whatever it is, draw your inspiration from it. 



  • Volunteer work pays off in the long run. Offer collaborations to health centers, hospitals, charity events, and retreats. Not only will you gain experience dealing with different types of customers, but will also start getting your Reiki business’ name out there. Just don’t forget to have promotional materials on you. 


  • Don’t forget to reach the newcomers! When you’ve been a practitioner for years, you can easily forget that many people still don’t know what Reiki is — and that they can benefit from it. Make sure all your marketing channels have a disclaimer, introducing Reiki.  


  • Internet marketing is really THAT crucial. You don’t have to set up an entire website right away, but accounts on Instagram and Facebook (Meta) are a must. TikTok is also powerful: you can create engaging videos about Reiki that will generate leads for your business. 


The great thing about Meta business accounts is that you don’t have to give every post an advertisement-y feel. A post like “What are 5 principles of Reiki?” can be purely informative but the Meta algorithm will nevertheless show it to your targeted audience, prompting people to click on your profile. 


  • Don’t be afraid to show your face and share your experience as a practitioner! Reiki is a personal thing, and your clients need to see someone they can trust — a human being behind the business practice. 


  • Just don’t buy fake followers. People can sense authenticity and the lack thereof. And you need your Reiki practice to be trustworthy, right? So grow your following organically, and don’t risk your account being banned. 

Here's where you can start your Reiki healing business

You can rent a Reiki studio for your first session in a few clicks here on Wellerz.   

Our space owners have that “Reiki space for rent near me” you’ve been googling — available for on-demand booking. 

And it’s easy too: sign up for free, choose the space you like, book free time slots, and you’re good to go! No contracts, no long-term obligations. Just a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for your Reiki practice — when and where you need it.

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