Celebrate coworking day with shared office spaces for therapists


Coworking has more than one meaning. It’s not reserved exclusively for staff members under the umbrella of a single company. To use a coworking model means to have professional freedom. Wellerz brings this model to its full potential. 


With Wellerz you will be able to rent shared office spaces for therapists without a contract and without any commitment whatsoever. With Wellerz you can book-as-you-need. This means that you can rent any space from our listings, at any moment, for any time frame, as long as it’s available. And to make it even better, cancellation is free.  


Celebrate International Coworking Day with us. Learn how to navigate the modern scene of on-demand rentals whether you’re a medical, wellness, or beauty practitioner. With Wellerz it’s easy: just a few clicks from your phone or laptop. Security and confidentiality are guaranteed. 

Common types of coworking spaces 


Coworking spaces are no longer crowded places with little privacy. For instance, on the Wellerz platform, you can find modern coworking spaces that can be rented per hour for your complete disposal.


Coworking offices aren’t exclusive to big cities either. Even if you’re in a smaller town, googling “shared therapy office space near me“, you’ll probably find a match — especially if you go directly to Wellerz, skipping search engines. 


But first, let’s learn what types of flexible coworking spaces are out there. 


There are two popular rent models for coworking spaces:  

  • Subleasing is when a primary tenant rents a portion of an office to another professional. Think of a yoga practitioner who rents a studio, but subleases it to a dance instructor to use when there are no yoga sessions scheduled. Or a nail tech who subleases a chair to a lash technician. 


The downside of the sublease model is rigidity and commitment. You need to sign a contract and pay rent even if you’re going through a downtime or leave for a vacation. And you will also probably have to pay for utility bills; 


  • On-demand rent is when a tenant can book an office for a fixed timeframe. It’s convenient: you only use the space when you need to meet with a client or patient. 

As we mentioned, on-demand workspaces are getting more popular — however, they differ in quality. Some offices are quite generic and don’t have additional services like maintenance and cleaning. Some require upfront payment or paid plans. Wellerz, however, doesn’t: we make on-demand bookings as easy as possible.  

How Wellerz changes coworking for wellness and therapy practitioners 


Wellerz is the place for niche workspace listings — aimed at private practitioners. This means you can find an office fully equipped according to your demands. Our space owners are your fellow practitioners.


We have flexible wellness and therapy spaces for:


  • Mental health therapy, including child-friendly and group-friendly spaces; 
  • Physical and bodywork therapy: massage, reiki, chiropractic, acupuncture;
  • Aestheticians and beauticians; 
  • Yoga, dance, and fitness sessions; 
  • Coaching and counseling. 


You can choose to rent a space: 


  • by the hour or by the day; 
  • for vacant time slots; 
  • for recurring time slots.


You can cancel your booking anytime. There are no contracts or payment plans. Our easy search tool shows shared therapy offices for rent near you.


Register as a practitioner on Wellerz and send a booking request to the owner of the therapy space that you like. Vacant hours, as well as slots you already rented, will be available in your personal calendar. 


If you are a space owner, simply sign up on Wellerz and list your office with us! You will be in charge of who to rent your space to. 


Coworking with Wellerz means being smart about growing your practice. Co-work with us — see how convenient it is! 

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