Returning to therapy Office – the Right Way

How to enjoy the private practice rental revolution


Are you a therapist or wellness provider? Then you, like us, know how difficult the last two years have been. In a blink of an eye, New York and the rest of the globe shut down. Everything moved online: even therapy. 


Yet, despite being a savvy temporary solution, Zoom couldn’t – and still can’t – replace the true connection of face-to-face offline interactions. Online sessions give room for more distractions, can lessen commitment on the client’s side, lead to the so-called “Zoom fatigue”, and result in other unfortunate drawbacks. In-person meetups conducted offline bring connection and trust, which are critical aspects of therapy — and of any health and wellness practitioner’s work. 


Thankfully, society is opening up and returning to familiarity. Mental health counseling, yoga, pilates, and other practices have resumed in-person sessions. We’re excited, and we know you are too!  


However, bodywork therapists, counselors, and wellness professionals still deal with tricky decision-making. “Should I rent an office full-time?”, “What if my rental will stand idle half the time?”, “Where do I find an office that would fill the bill, but with on-demand availability?”


Those concerns are especially imperative these days when therapists and other practitioners aim to both return to their clients and grow their business — but don’t want to be overwhelmed with costs and logistics. 


Luckily, today you can enjoy the best of all possible worlds! Meet a rental platform that helps you make your practice flexible and cost-effective.  


Ditch the old ways of renting a therapy office long-term. With the Wellerz model, there’s no need to sign a lease — or any paperwork. There’s also no need to compromise, waste money on an empty workspace, or decline a patient because you don’t have a suitable treatment place.

Benefits of using Wellerz for on-demand rentals

Here you join thousands of therapists who already do it the new way. With Wellerz you:

  • Get an upscale therapy office anywhere and anytime you need it;
  • Pay only for the time slots when you’re using the office. Is it for a day? An hour? A recurring rent? A one-off? Doesn’t matter — it all works!
  • Enjoy special daily rates and sliding-scale rates for longer hour blocks; 
  • Use the “Recurring” feature if you want to rent the same office regularly: that’s how you can make it your new professional home, but without a contractual lease!
  • Enjoy the free cancellation policy in case of unforeseen circumstances or weeks that you’re out of town/not working. 

Learn more on How does it work – Wellerz.

Wellerz: the future of flexible rentals

We are the new way of seeing patients and clients in-office. Wellerz is set on transforming the way the system works. By knowing the wellness industry from the inside, we also realize your demands.


Maybe you need a space just one day a week. Or just for an hour daily. Or, perhaps for half a day on Wednesdays but a full day on Tuesdays? Wellerz provides you

the desired rental flexibility, as well as security: you will be booking spaces from fellow therapists and wellness practitioners who understand your requirements.   


In case you yourself are a therapist who owns their own or has an extra working space to share, we also got you covered. List your space on Wellerz, and we will help you lease out that space whenever you want, to trustworthy therapists like yourself. Want your space back from the rental market? No problem: hide or delete your listings anytime. 


When a wellness practitioner rents from a fellow professional, there’s a sense of unity and trust that is absent in other parts of the real estate scene. Wellerz was created by wellness specialists for wellness specialists — so we fully understand your career goals.


Try Wellerz now!  

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